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Discover the Lifestyle of Korea in One Place!

Meet Korean leading consumer goods companies in one place
Meeting domestic leading companies from household goods to food and fashion in one place,
You can feel Korean consumer goods trend.
If apply as a “Visitor”, you can meet Korean companies of your choice through the pre-matching system.

Exhibition Information
  • An exclusive opportunity in discovering
    prominent Korean Brands

  • A match-making service
    provided by KOTRA

  • Arrange on the ground meetings
    with Korean companies
    through our latest APP

Date/Venue June 3th(Mon) – 4th(Tue) 2019 / COEX Hall C
Detailed Information
Zone Contents
e-Commerce Zone 20 Consumer Goods Showcase  Theme Zone e-Commerce service providing company for sales promotion
Consumer goods
Showcase Zone
Household /
Baby products
Household goods, Baby Product, Art Collaboration Goods, ICT Convergence Product, Nominee of Premium Living Design Goods by KIDP
Beauty & Health 40 Skincare and makeup cosmetic products, beauty-related healthcare products
Food 40 Processed foods (Beverages, snacks), Halal processed Food
Fashion 20 Fashion, accessories, Indie brands
Guide to download the APP

Do you want to know more about exhibitors?

If so, please use the App for CGSK!
Evaluating the detailed information of the exhibitors through the APP,
you can get all the information about Consumer Goods Export Showcase event onsite meeting application!

  • Provide exhibition
    for domestic
    Korean companies

  • Easy-to-check Korean
    companies through
    QR code recognition

  • Onsite meeting request to
    Korean companies which
    you want to meet at hopeful time
    (When Korean company accepts,
    time and place are autonomously set)

  • After the meeting,
    feedback will be prepared
    through the meeting report

    and exhibitors’ evaluation